Gerri Gilpin
Mar 30, 2018

Join a UFO group


A few years ago, Julia McGary and I joined a UFO group we found at a quilt shop in Indiana. They thought it was fun to have us join the group, and we got to stay in touch with the folks we met there while traveling to a McGary reunion in IN. If you have not considered a UFO group, I highly recommended it!

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  • Becky Ray
    Dec 16, 2017

    My best UFO story is when my sister snitched a UFO out of my stack that I was showing her and took it home to finish it. She gave it back to me for Christmas. I loved it! I always planned to finish the thing, but it just kept getting put off for the new things that I wanted to do. I'm thinking I should show her my UFOs again when she comes to visit.