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Retreat Opportunities

Quilted Trillium Retreat


September 7-9, 2018


Federal Way


Maximum 16 students


Points of Interest

(Formerly LaConner Quilt Museum) The mission of the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Musuem is to present exhibitions and educational programs in all fiber arts that enrich and inspire, honor cultural traditions, and celebrate the creative spirit.

Here's a link to another handcrafting website, suggested by a young visitor to our site. Check it out!

Quilt Shop & Show Listings

Offering interesting places & things to see and do for people who enjoy scenic travel . . . and for the travel-minded quilter and companions.

 Deborah Richmond: I am passionate about quilting and quilt shows.  I know you love quilting and are looking for a good quilt show. I want to help you find a show near you quickly and easily. That’s why I report on quilt shows, big and small.  Along the way we will also give you great information you will need at the show.

Local Quilt Shows

Member Buy, Sell, Trade


Your items can be listed here. Please use this space for sewing/quilting related items. 30 day listing or notify us of item's status.


Do you have quilt/sewing related items to trade?

List here and work out a deal.


Are you searching for a certain item? List here and connect with others who have what you are looking for.


Do you run a quilt/sewing related business?

List here and let others know what you can do for them. 

Shyla from Bear Paw Quilts would like to trade new fabric for someone willing to do binding on her finished quilts. Email

Member Owned Businesses


If you are an All in Stitches member, you can list your small business here.
Please notify us of changes to keep your listing current!

Unique quilt patterns, high quality bright quilters cotton fabrics and hand dyed wools and notions to help todays creative quilters reach their artistic goals.

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Member Owned businesses

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