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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are all the acronyms?
    AIS - All in Stitches 
    AISQG - All in Stitches Quilt Guild
    BOD - Board of Directors
    BOM - Block of the Month
    CS - Community Service -
    QU - Quilt University

    EQS - Everett Quilt Show
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    FB - Friendship Box
    FMQ - Free Motion Quilting
    FQ - Fat Quarter
    HTH - Hometown Heroes

    POPs - (Quilt) Practice on Purpose
    UFOs - Un-finished Objects

  • Who are you people?
    We are regular people, quilters, who love the art of quilting and want to connect and share with other like-minded people.

  • Why a new quilt guild?
    Our guild strives to be a fun, welcoming place to share the art of quilting. Marysville/Arlington did not have a guild that was close by to join, so we chose to form a new group!

  • What is different about your meetings?
    We choose to handle business in the board meetings and other committee meetings. At the guild meeting, we tell what is going on, vote if we must, but keep it fast. We then have a program of some kind: teaching, sharing, speakers, demonstrations, games, hands-on projects.

  • Why do quilts and other items hang around the meeting room?
    We call this our Gallery. It is our version of Show and Tell. During the break time, owners can hangout near their item and talk about it. They can also attach a 3x5 card with info. It's such fun to talk about our work with our friends!

  • Why do you have Saturday meetings?
    With our Mission Statement in mind, AIS has three Saturdays a year that we have Quilt University, a time for open sewing, workshops, demonstrations, Community Service projects, lunch together and more. We learn to Connect, Grow and Serve through these times together.

  • How do I connect?
    On the membership application, you can indicate where you would like to be involved. Also, your AIS member badge will have stickers applied that pertain to your interests. As you meet people, you can see what their interests are on their badges. We hope this will stimulate conversation!

  • I am intimidated by the skill level I see in the Show and Tell items.
    Your skills are valuable no matter what level you are at. We welcome all quilters/sewing enthusiasts and are happy to share knowledge with everyone.

  • Why do you charge for everything?
    We are a new guild and our budget is tight. Most things are charged for by the cost of the item, ticket or whatever. Example: Our dues pay for the meeting room evenings, but Saturday sewing days cost quite a bit more, so there is a per person charge to attend. 

  • What do the "One Piece at a Time" byline and the PIECE acronym mean?
    Piecing is a major part of quilting in general. There are many pieces (members, teams, etc) to the guild and the quilt show. We feel that if we take it one piece (step) at a time, we will get where we are going with all the pieces in place. Example: Our Community Service project, Domestic Violence Services, helps people piece their lives back together. We piece quilts for those in the shelter, giving them a piece of our heart. 


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